Zen and the Eastern Spirit

About Author

Kanju Tanaka

Born in Osaka in January 1948

Received a MA in Philosophy studying German philosophy at Kyoto University

Instructed by Master Shonen Morimoto for three years while in university

Trained at Myoshinji, Kenchoji, Kenninnji monasteries and at Sogenji temple

Finally received dharma transmission from Master Sonin Kajitani at Shokokuji monastery

[An Additional Note]

Thankfully, I've been appointed as the chief priest at Kouunji-Temple, which is located just 15 minutes from Nanzenji-Temple. There is a large Main Hall(meditation hall), built 340 years ago, which is used for services and as a Zazen Hall. At former temple we were only able to sit 20 or so students. Now, we can sit more than 50 people. Please come and see us whenever you visit Kyoto.

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